News Release: New Magazine "Skeptopathy" Aims to Expose Pseudo-Skepticism

For Immediate Release 2013-08-13

Vernon - A new on-line magazine called "Skeptopathy" hopes to help clean up the field of critical thinking by exposing the high level of pathological skepticism currently affecting the mainstream skeptic community. According to the website, the term skeptopathy means pathological skepticism and refers to "the irrational belief that something is not true, improbable or is non-existent simply because it is unusual, controversial or otherwise disturbing". 

The editor of the magazine, Michael Fullerton, explains why exposing pathological skepticism is so important. "All highly disruptive new ideas experience undeserved ridicule and rejection. The most vicious ridicule comes from those whose livelihoods depend on the old ideas to prosper. If the mainstream would simply practice a purely objective science-based outlook as opposed to the current self-serving authority-imposed faith-based outlook, science and justice would evolve at a much faster pace. It is vitally important for all of us to be very skeptical of those attacking new ideas when the attackers have vested interests at stake. We all have to make a greater effort to critically examine the claims of the false prophets of skepticism for engaging in the very pseudo-science, logical fallacies and misinformation they falsely claim to denounce."

As the current August issue shows, the magazine will not shy away from shocking controversy. At the site you can find an article disproving atheism while proving the existence of the concept of God recognized by Einstein. Another article presents a proof for a form of science-based old-Earth creationism and intelligent design. There is also an article on the dramatic hurdles faced by researchers of "cold fusion" or LENR as it is known today. Lastly, another article shows that using the term "conspiracy theory" pejoratively in an attempt to discredit an argument, is a new form of logical fallacy.

Authors wishing to contribute articles and reviews can visit the website for contact information.

For more information, contact:

Michael Fullerton
Phone: (250)503-1009